What is Rendocan?

Rendocan is a biotech company set up to develop new registered cannabis-based medicine. Our mission is 3-fold:

1) Research new chemotypical varieties of cannabis that can be used in a pharmaceutical production process

2) Develop standardised API's that can be used in clinical trials

3) Produce safe and effective cannabis-based medicine that is registered as a medicine

Is medical cannabis a drug?

Medical cannabis can be considered a drug in the form of a pharmaceutical only when it is standardized, quality controlled and tested for safety and efficacy. Also, to be recognised as a medicine, these products will have to be submitted to rigorous clinical research. 

Therefore we do not speak about 'medical cannabis', but rather 'cannabis-based medicine'.

Medical cannabis is not suited for recreational purposes.

What is the difference between 'medical cannabis' and normal cannabis?

First, cannabis for medical purposes means: a standardized, high quality product, which is designed and bred to help patients fight specific symptomes of a specific illness.

Second, the administration form of medical cannabis differs from the 'normal' or 'traditional/recreational' cannabis. While normal cannabis is smoked, medical cannabis is often adminstered through vaporization or in the form of a transdermal patch or sublingual oil.

Third, medical cannabis should be tested for safety and efficacy and be easy to dose.

At Rendocan we want to explore new and innovative delivery forms of medical cannabis, to enhance the efficacy and minimize possible side-effects. 

Remember: the right term for 'medical cannabis' is 'cannabis-based medicine'!

Is cannabis addictive?

Cannabis for medical purposes is generaly not addictive because of the well balanced ratios of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol). The presence of cannabidiol mitigates the dependence THC can cause. Also the synergistic qualities of other compounds (such as terpenes) contribute to the safety and efficacy of cannabis as a pharmaceutical drug.

Cannabis for recreational purposes can cause dependence, because of the high levels of THC and the lack of CBD. About 1 in 10 recreational consumers become dependent on high-THC cannabis.

Is all cannabis the same?

No. There are many plant varieties of cannabis. They all differ largely in chemical make-up. This is why Rendocan will be developing specific, new varieties that will have a known chemistry to combat the symptoms of a specific disease in a well defined group of patients.

Is natural cannabis safer than synthetic cannabis?

Yes. Natural cannabis consists of an entire phytocomplex of active components (such as cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids). They all work in synergy to mitigate possible side-effects from individual components.

Synthetic cannabis is mostly one isolated compound (a synthetic cannabinoid) without the protective actions of a complete phytocomplex.

Is medical cannabis suited for children?

Not all medical cannabis is suited for the use in pediatrics. We know that high-THC cannabis can cause problems in the mental development of a child. This type of cannabis should be avoided by children.

However, specifically developed cannabis varieties with low THC values and high CBD concentrations can be suited for children who suffer from severe neurological conditions. There are also child friendly routes of administration possible with medical cannabis, such as sublingual application in form of oil droplets, syrup or patches.

The use of medical cannabis in children must always be well looked at and the possible usefulness determined by a qualified physician.

Where does Rendocan get its cannabis genetics from?

Rendocan has acquired a large and valuable genetic database from wild type and traditional landrace cultivars, collected over the past 25 years in some of the most remote areas of the world. Some of these cultivars even represent now extinct varieties.

Does Rendocan produce genetically modified (GMO) cannabis?

No, Rendocan will not be producing GMO cannabis.

Rendocan will however develop its proprietary varieties through genetic analysis and marker assisted breeding and selection. This is a process that is simply traditional breeding combined with cutting edge science.

What will be the economic impact of Rendocan?

Between now and 2025, Rendocan will create about 1.500 full-time jobs when at full capacity. By attracting researchers and investments from all over Europe, we will have an enormous economic impact on the region.

In what domains will Rendocan generate IP?

Rendocan is looking to generate and capitalize on the intellectual property in the fields of cannabis genetics, medical applications, operations, technology, medical devices, biotech innovations, cultivation and processing methodologies and technology.

What is Rendocan looking for in a partner?

Rendocan is always looking for partners who share the companies vision. We are looking for both academic and (bio)technological partners to meet at the cutting edge of cannabis science.

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