Our Vision

Cannabis has caused a revolution in healthcare because of its low toxicity and broad application range. The reason cannabis can be used to treat or alleviate many symptoms or diseases is due to the interaction of phytocannabinoids with the ECS.

Advance the science of cannabis

Research shows that ECS modulation can combat systemic illnesses such as cancer, neurodegenerative diseases, neurocognitive diseases, metabolic diseases, chronic pain, inflammation and even severe epilepsy in children. However, there is still a lot of research that needs to be done, to make more efficient use of phytocannabinoids in healthcare.

Develop high quality standardized products

That is why Rendocan will not only develop new chemotypes (new varieties of cannabis) that have a specific, predictable chemical profile, but we will also ensure the cannabis plant material will be of the highest possible quality. Through our proprietary production processes and operations, we are able to standardize the cannabis plant like never before.

Help patients getting the best care

It means our patients will have access to the most suitable products to help them combat their illness. However, patients are also in desperate need of innovative delivery methods (such as transdermal patches, subcutanious chips, sprays, nanoparticles etc.) to get the highest efficacy of our products and minimize the risks and side-effects. Rendocan will also be developing new ways for patients to optimize their treatment. This can then be studied by our academic partners and clinical research centers worldwide. 

Fuel the local economy and create hundreds of jobs

The pharmaceutical cannabis industry is booming in Canada, after regulation and government oversight. Slowly but surely, the European market for pharmaceutical (derived) cannabis products is opening up, bringing lots of interesting business opportunities. 

The production and processing process of standardized cannabis products is highly labor intensive. We will automate where possible, but ultimately, skilled workers are still needed in large numbers. With its Innovation Center for Nature and Science, Rendocan will create hundreds of local jobs for people with a wide range of qualifications.

Putting Belgium on the map as a world leader in this innovative industry

By investing nearly 100 million euro by 2020, Rendocan aims to put Belgium at the forefront of this globally emerging industry. Our healthcare system is one of the best in the world. We are artisans in chocolate, beer and cheese. Rendocan is convinced that we can apply this reputation and skills to deliver the finest, highest quality standardized cannabis products the world has ever seen. It all starts with research. And that is where we and our partners excell.

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